SISAS is a civil and structural engineering design and analysis company composed of a dedicated team of permanent engineers who work in partnership with our clients to achieve economic projects. We have a qualified experienced motivated team with a lot of common sense and eagerness to produce economic solutions.

The company derives its strength from the team with the total involvement of all at all levels.
PERSONNEL 50 structural, civil, pipeline and risers engineers. All CDI (permanent). All minimum ‘Bac+6’ or equivalent. All bi-lingual english/french.
26 European Engineer Qualification Title Accreditations (Eur. Ing.).
7 Pipeline Qualification Title Accreditations (members of P.I.P.E.).
CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL TRAINING Continuous Professional Training Courses and Continuous Professional Development are an internal Training and Development part of our engineers’ philosophy to extend and open our horizons, learn, adapt, exchange experiences with engineers and clients worldwide and thus serve our clients.
SAFETY AND THE ENGINEERING PROFESSION We are pro-actively involved in worldwide engineering initiatives to promote our profession, to work in an ethical and moral environment, to introduce young people, to ensure that the highest safety standards with regard to life and the environment are maintained, to contribute to research and conferences.